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was established in 1946.           

The Founder Mr.G.W.Ranoris and his Elder son Mr.G.W. Ariyarathne started this business in a very little capacity as a Sawn Timber Retail outlet in a corner of Katugastota Town near the Mahaweli River along a side of Madawala road and after few years of the success they registered this Establishment as a Partnership company in 1959. And they were extended their success further in opening the 1st Branch in Teldeniya in 1960. In 1961, Mr. G.W.Gunawardena the second son of Mr.Ranoris joined this partnership company as the manager and three of them worked hardly, tirelessly and gradually built this firm to a more popular place in Timber supplying in the Central Province. Together with this success, the 2nd Branch of this Company was established as a Subsidiary Company in Kegalle in 1968. This company has very healthy business relationships with Government Sector and as well as with Private Sector as they have a pure vision on the business to serve and supply “Good Quality – Good Price”.

In 1974, Mr.Sarath Ariyarathne and Mr.Dhammika Ariyarathne sons of Mr.Ariyarathne joined this business with a record of joining the 3rd Generation. After 40 years of a great contribution to the firm Mr.Ranoris and Mr.Ariyarathne passed away in 1986 and Mr.Gunawardena became the President Partner of the Company with Mr. Sarath Ariyarathne and Mr.Dhammike Ariyaratha. Later in 1990, with many ups and downs as the common nature, this business had some changes and G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Merchants Katugastota and Teldeniya (pesently Digana) separated different two individual and independent companies.

In 1991 the new era begins and Mr.Saman Gunawardena, son of Mr.Gunawardena joined the company and made a vast difference in the company. The business gradually changed its main production to Imported Malaysian Timber and reduced the Local Timber capacity helping the Country’s environment policies.

The year 2001, the bench mark of the company, Mr.Saman Joined with Mr.Aruna Wijerathne and established the new era’s newest branch in Kadugannawa with the name of G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Stores. In the year 2001 Mr.Gunawadena Retired and Mr.Saman Gunawardena became the Managing Partner of the Both G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Merchants at Katugastota and G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Stores at Kadugannawa. 

Braking all the barriers and achieving all the targets and defeating all the competitors in Central province the company became the main Timber Supplier of the Government and the private sector and  the two Companies Re-Established as Limited Liability Companies with the Trade names of  

G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Merchants (Pvt) Ltd;

Katugastota, Ambatenna and

G.W.Ranoris and Sons Timber Stores (Pvt) Ltd;

Kadugannawa in 2010 and 2014 with the Chairman Mr.Aruna Wijeratne and the Managing Director Mr.Saman Gunawardena.  

Since 1946 we have Excellence Experiences in Supplying High Quality Timber for 75 years …



Why choose us?

We have experience in Timber trade since 1946. Our company belongs experiences for three generations and more than 75 years. We have excellent staff members for serve you and instruct you and advice you for the best quality and modern technology in carpentry.

We have best carpenters and modern high-tech machines for planning, manufacturing Ceiling and manufacturing Doors and Windows.
We have the best and reasonable prices in the Timber market. Our productions, specially Malaysian wood directly comes from our subsidiary partner company in Sarawak, Malaysia.

And also, we have the best quality Timber of Pinewood from Europe, specially from Finland and Sweden.

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